Educational Technology Lab

The College has fully air conditioned Educational Technology Lab having 10 Nos. Dual Core Computers well connected to Internet, printers and other peripherals. The Lab also has LCD Projector, Slide Projector, Epidiascope and VCR connected with TV, Radio, audio & video cassettes, CD & DVD public address system etc. The Lab is utilized by the teacher students to enhance their expertise in using the above equipments for better teaching learning process.

Psychology Lab

The College Psychology Lab has standard apparatus to perform the experiments related to Educational Psychology i.e. Intelligence Test, Personality Test, Achievement Motivation Test, Teaching Aptitude Test, Verbal Test of Scientific Creativity, Interest Test etc to help the public teachers to understand the needs of learner as individuals and as member of class room to create an awareness of the approaches and strategies concerned

Science Lab

The College Science Lab is well equipped with all apparatus, equipments, chemicals and consumables required for performing and demonstrating the practical & experimenting for physics, chemistry & biology.